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Lambskin with wool

Wool lambskin are so-called “turned” or “double-sided” skins. These very special skins are most often made using sheep or lambs. This name is due to the fact that the skin has retained the animal's wool on one side and the smoothness of its suede on the other.

Wool can be clean shaven, to achieve the desired warmth, or preserved, to maintain its natural appearance. The leather side can be treated or oiled, for a smooth feel, or velvet depending on its use.

This type of skin is used most of the time to make bomber style jackets, slippers. Known for the warmth they give off, these jackets, if properly maintained, can be worn for ten years without difficulty. In addition to comfort, this material is durable, and represents a real investment.

This leather can also be used for decoration or leather goods.

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