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The passion of leather since 1948

A family business

Our company, SMB-Cuirs Mazamet, is located in the heart of the Black Mountain, Mazamet in the Tarn, historic city of leather, wool and skin.

With a history of more than 60 years (created in 1948) from generation to generation, the fourth to date, the company has evolved over time and in response to global economic changes.

For many years we have been importing representative of raw hides and skins of lambs and sheep, for the leather industry and slicing. These hides and skins came mainly from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South America.

Simultaneously we were also sheep shearer. The slicing consists in separating the wool of the leather from the skins of lambs and sheep, by a process, called "warming up", which was 100% natural, without any chemical product, the skins, once re-wired, were put in an oven and after a few days of natural fermentation, the wool separated from the leather, the wool being intended for the textile industry and the leather with the tannery.

Globalization has meant that the supply of raw hides has decreased year by year and the outlets for wool for the European textile industry have dried up, the result being the end of the slaughtering industry in 2005, after 150 years of existence.

With this predictable observation, it was obvious for us, by passion for leather and skin, to start in 1985 the marketing of finished hides and skins.

Today with a large and varied permanent stock of lambs, sheep, goats, kids, calves and others; in vegetable or mineral tanning; With a diverse choice of colors, finishes, thicknesses and flexibility, we can meet the demands of our customers, individuals and professionals.

The leathers and skins you find on our website www.cuirnaturel.com are not an exhaustive list. If you do not find your happiness, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to satisfy you.

You can also come to our warehouse in Mazamet, in this case please call us or send us an email to arrange an appointment.